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Sustainable Building Solutions

From energy efficiency audits and diagnostic testing to full sustainable renovations and new construction projects we focus on using holistic and individual approach when working with each building or site.

While most existing buildings can use energy efficiency upgrades, there is not a single solution for everyone. We always educate our customers about their options and prioritize most cost effective improvements. Below is a list of the four main categories of services that we provide.

Energy Efficiency

According to US Green Building Council, in the U.S. alone buildings account for 36% of total energy use and 65% of electricity consumption. We strive to make a positive impact not just on the project, but also on the community and the environment. Wherever we can, we promote energy efficiency improvements such as air sealing, insulation and mechanical system upgrades. We also provide solutions for solar systems and vegetated roofs.

Renovations and Construction

We provide the added value of an integrated design approach. While making decisions for the project we pay attention to a number of factors including: cost, functionality, aesthetics, market or resale value, durability, maintenance and carbon foot print. We select our team members and trade partners carefully and put an emphasys on quality and long term building performance when it comes to construction.

Consulting and Project Management

Our team has experience working on residential, comercial and institutional projects in PA, NJ, DE and NC. Whether it is a design/built project or a system/process redesign, we will use our combined knowledge and expertise to find the most sustainable and efficient solution for your job.

Storm Water Management

We offer design and installation for detention and retention systems, rain barrels, planters, rain gardens and porous pavers for both small residential and large commercial projects. Our favorite way to manage storm water, however, is with green (vegetated) roofs. We have considerable experience in designing, installing and maintaining these systems that have so many benefits.

Recent Projects

  • New Construction

    Green roof patios, Metal work

  • Warehouse Conversion

    Renovation and Addition

  • Fishtown Residence

    Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • West Philadelphia

    Complete Renovation